Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Great work, great color, a lot of talent!
Keep taking them, and adding to the portfolio.
Paula Hobelmann(non-registered)
Love the subject matter and have a great eye for capturing the angle and detail. Thanks for sharing!
Kim VanNortwick(non-registered)
Love your work Chris!
Robert Hunt(non-registered)
COCO Century Photos. They look great.
Kerri Finegan(non-registered)
Nice CoCo Century photos!
Cheryl Gaskill(non-registered)
Very nice pictures Chris! I enjoyed them very much!
Dennis Dunford(non-registered)
Thanks for coming out and taking photos of us in the CoCoCentury today!
Theresa H(non-registered)
I really love the picture I got! Spectacular color and composition!
Love them!!!!
Lisa M. Terrones(non-registered)
WOW! You truly catch that certain moment in time. Your passion shows with every photograph. Wonderful job Chris Thank you for sharing your great skills with photography!! Please keep up the good work!!
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